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PSYA01 Ch 3

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Ch 3 Evolution HeredityBehvr 5786Biological evolution changes that take place in the geneticphysical characteristics of a popn or group of organisms over time Adaptive significance the effectiveness of behvr in aiding organisms to adapt to changing envt conditionsBhvrl differemces correspond to geneticbiological differencesNovelty seeking is a personality traitbehvrUltimate causes biology evolutionary conditions past envt events that have slowly shaped the behvr of a species over generations Proximate causes envt immediate envt eventsconditions that affect behvr Testosterone f nearby gerbil brothers in the womb acts as proximal cause for the subsequent devlpt of sexual behvrs in these males its absence when a male dlvps next to sisters causes a deficit in sexual proficiencyThere are 2 breeding strategies for gerbils males who are better sexual performersmales who are better parents dlvpng next to sisters where both present selective value Culture the sum of socially transmitted knowledge customsbehvr patterns common to a particular group of ppl How thinkingbehaving shape cultural adaptations to changing envt condtsThe Voyage of the BeagleDarwinCaptain Fitz Roy observedcollected specimens of florafauna of SA Australia South Africanotably the Galapagos Islands 183136 The Origin of Species Artificial selection a procedure in which particular animals are deliberately mated to produce offspring that possess especially desirable characteristics a pigeon who wants to produce an offspring w colourful plumage would select a mate w the most colourful to reproduce w If artificial selection could produce diff varieties of pigeons could it result in diff speciesFavourable variations would be preservedunfavourable ones would be destroyedNatural selection the consequence of the fact that organisms reproduce differentially within a given popn any animal that possesses a characteristic that helps it to surviveadapt to envt changes is likely to live longerreproduce more offspringThe Origin of Species by Alfred WallaceCharles Darwin 1858 Natural SelectionEvolution can be traced to 4 insights 1 Species arent fixed 2 Evolution is a branching process where all species descend f a common ancestor 3 Evolution is continuous4 Evolution is based on natural selection Individuals within the popn w better inherited behvrlphysical characteristics compete betterare more likely to survive reproducepass on the traits to the next generation
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