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Chapter 6

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Steve Joordens

Chapter 6 perception which we recognize perception posess orovided by sense organs rapid, automatic, unconscious proces into Pro essing s visual perception hierarchy Eventually prasess lead to interaction me mones. MRIMARY VISUAL David Hubal and Torsten Wiesel insorted microelectrodes -extremeuysmcuu CORTEy wires with mic escopi cally sharp PTS into various regions visual systems of cots and monkeys to detect ootion potent als Shooned van OS stumui to opomoned but anaesthetic animals neurons Sill tnduded go gophy VEual Add retan in pimary visual cortex onto VIC However most Orea on PV.C owen to renter Where hsion most precise modules on PN blect of tissue containing 00 neurons Fepo raeiving o kom samo small region retina observer naural circuits within ench part Vsual field receptive field CORTEX in pm motil visuol cortex Send axons to region Stmou striate Cortex where & if it is movin VAC -pris ventral stream ard dorso stream continues, 4wd and en ends inte Cortex temporal stner ntinue a to immediatel sidered pro recognize faces flexible that happen w objects too outed base b venttol s region next to PVC er ate body are activated by Visual uditon
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