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Chapter 1

Psychology - Chapter 1

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Steve Joordens

Chapter 1 The Science of Psychology - Psychology (Psukhe: Breathe of Soul, Logos: Word or Reason) The scientific study of the causes of behaviour, as well as the applications of the finding of psychological research to the solution of problems - The goal is to understand human behaviour to explain why people do what they do (Describe behaviour categorize and measure behaviour, discover the causes of behaviour =EXPLANATION!); the purpose is due to intellectual curiousity, to solve the root of many world issues, finding new sciences (to facilitate implications) - Causal events are events that cause other ones (including behaviour) - Fields of Psychology: Physiological Psychology: Studies the role of the brain in behaviour study all behavioural problems such as learning, memory, sensory process, emotional behaviour, motivation, sexual behaviour, sleep (i.e. all drugs have the potential for addiction act to produce pleasurable events Comparative Psychology: Studies the evolution of behaviour by comparing the behavioural capacities of different species look at behavioural phenomena, inherited behavioural patterns, (courting, mating, predation, aggression, defensive behaviours, parental behaviours) (i.e. all species of mammals reacts like humans to addictive drugs) Behaviour Analysis: Studies the effect of environmental events on behaviour, especially the effects of the consequences of behaviours of behaviours look at learning, motivation, drug addiction (i.e. developing methods for studying how pleasurable events lead people to repeat certain behaviours) Behaviour Genetics: Studies the role of genetics in behaviour (i.e. looks at drug addiction in lab animals to determine mechanisms on drug dependence(i.e. the development of Cognitive Neuroscience: Studies mental processes and complex behaviours looks at perception, attention, learning and memory, verbal behaviour, concept formation, problem solving (i.e. assessing behavioural and cognitive deficits cause be abnormal brain functions) Developmental Psychology: Studies physical, cognitive, emotional and social development (i.e. childhood, adolescence, adulthood studying in physiological processes, cognitive processes and social influences www.notesolution.com
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