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Chapter 7

chapter 7

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Steve Joordens

Chapter 7: Learning and Behaviour Our behaviour is changeable in response to certain experiences. Instructions can also change behaviours Learning: is an adaptive process in which the tendency to perform a particular behaviour is changed by experience. -as condition change, we learn new behaviour -ur performance can be affected by your mental or physical state. -Experience alters the structure and chemistry of the brain. These alterations affect how the nervous system responds to subsequent events. Perfomance: is the behavioural ch ange (or new behaviour). It is the evidence that learning has occurred but it is imperfect because other factors such as fatigue, motivation, can also affect Three kinds of learning: Habituation Classical Conditioning Operant Conditioning Habituation: A sudden, unexpected noise causes an orientaing response: we become alert and turn our heads toward the source of the sound. Habituation is learning not to respond to an unimportant even that occurs repeatedly is one of the simplest forms of learning. George Humphrey: animals show habituation -conducted an experiment using snails Short-term habituation: After a few days the same respone will occur Long-term habituation: organisms with complex nervous system are capable of doing this. There is evidence that short-term habituation and long term habituation are produced by different neural mechanisms . Classical Conditioning: involves learning about the conditions that predict that a significant event will occur. www.notesolution.com
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