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Chapter 8

[*] PSYA02 - Chapter 8 {Complete, stand-alone from Text} - Joordens

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Steve Joordens

MEMORY Example ofSalem Witch Trial Ex of LTM p2311 PROLOGUE Reconstructionaccused for witchcraft sentenced to execution based on assumption that situations that accusers recalled Phenomenafrom vlong ago considered believable due to mem able to put together scene w supernatural occurence that happened so long agoaccurately say that this is reason that we accuse herOverview of Memory p2312 Memory Defined p2314 p2313 skipped for not being imptMEMORY Cognitive process having aspects pertaining to info encoding storage retrieval ENCODINGputting stimulus info into format thats able to be used by memory sysSTORAGEmaintenance of info in memoryRETRIEVALfinding info in memoryputting it to useactive process of findingputting stored info to use ex Restaurantencodingrestaurant loc food type pricing storageputting in this formatted info about restaurant into memory sysretrievalrealling when youre in search for where to eat Memory p2315encodingstorageretrieval process become aware of this in diff waysbut activities underlying process are describable due to being conscious of them ex Restaurantnoticing loc judging whether youll like their dishesInfo Storagenot directly available due to not being conscious of that particular info in presistent mannerhidden but unactive latent Info Retrievalprogress to reactivate storage facility to retrieve memory Donald Hebb p2316Dual Trace Theoryremembering of info by brain by 2 means active latent hiddeninfo in active status due to continual neuron firing that ultimately leads to structural mods to neurons taking part in thisthese changes hold even after activity overcause was feedback neural circuitsheld info about experience either as active or latentvia structure due to its mods Suggestions by the Two Richards Atkinson Shiffrin p2317mem has 3 forms SENSORY SHORTTERMWORKING LONGTERM sensST hold active info portions while latent for LTSENSORY MEMORY sensrep of stimuluss characteristics stored for few seconds gained accurately rep justseen stimulushas mostall info preceived highly limited exA Brief echo heard exB image seen brieflytemporary holder until justpreceived info able to register in STMshortlasting Short Term Memory p2318 SHORTTERM MEMORY STMimmediate memory to hold justbeenpreceived stimuli info held must remain active ex continual rehearselor else easily lostif not giving atn to it info departs from STM forever can hold 72 chunksfor duration of 20sex Cashier says your total is 6124200 but you end up losing recepit To keep in STM must constantly repeat to yourself val or else if became distracted lost forever MEMORY Short Term Memory p2318p2321vlimited wrt how many items can holdfor how long ex Read once close eyes and then recall in mind 1 4 9 2 3 0 7can recall call w littleno difficu 7 2 4 2 1 9 2 3 9 2 vdifficul to recall all avg 79 items recalled when exposed to only oncehold rep of justpreceived info ex obj namerehearsel of info incr likelihood that info registers into LTM Long Term Memory p2322 LONGTERM MEMORY LTMinfo rep on permanent or nearpermanent statelimit unknownlonglastingdue to phys mods win braininfo win here doesnt req continual practice so can be taken out later wout having continually thought about it Standings Studysubj human participantstask show 10000 colour slides ONLY onceresult can still remember MOST of them long time afterModal Model p2325flow of info from 1 memory sys to another IMGCognitive psygists against this notionstate STMLTM are not diff entities but rather diff steps of continual process Sensory Memory p2326awareness of it when info present only for brief t period so 1 can perceive aftereffects ex Witnessing thunderstormremnant img remains for brief period in sensory mem believed that each sensory sys has corresponding version of sens MemICONIC MEMORYICONIC MEMORYsens mem type for visual sys that retains visual img fromjustpreceivedsceneaka visible persistence aka visual sensory memorySperlings Study of Iconic Memory Trial 1 Whole Report Proceduresubj human participants task 50ms presentation of 9letter boxasked to recall as many words as possibleresult avg 45 lettersreportI could see more but while I was reporting them they faded away too quickly from mem
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