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Chapter 2

PSYA01 chapter 2 notes

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Steve Joordens

Psychology Chapter 4 Biology of Behavior The Brain and its Components Donald Hebb provided the foundation for a better understanding of the brain o Explained how individual nerve cells are organized into larger units o Showed how brain functioning could be understood in terms of both the individual cells and the larder networks they comprised Structure of the Nervous System Brain has three major functions o Controlling behavior o Processing and retaining the information we receive from the environment o Regulating the bodys physiological processes Nervous system consists of 2 divisions o Central nervous system brain and the spinal cord Spinal cords contains circuits of nerve cells that control some simple reflexes such as automatically pulling away from a painfully hot object Communicates with the rest of the body through nerves Nerves bundle of fibres that transmits information between the central nervous system and the bodys sense organs, muscles and glands o Peripheral nervous system cranial and spinal nerves Part of the nervous system peripheral to the brain and spinal cord Sensory information (what is happening in the environmentbody) id conveyed from sensory organs to the brain and spinal cord Information from the head and neck region reaches the brain through the cranial nerves www.notesolution.com
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