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Chapter 14

Chapter 14

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John Bassili

Chapter 14 Personality: pattern of thinkingbehaving that is unique per person and lasts across time and place Researching personality: identify personality characteristics and the variables that produce and control them Personality type: category of personality that is based on developmental experiences and physical characteristics Similar cultures and personality often arise from living in close proximity Galen: Came up with 4 temperamental types: Sanguine = excess of blood. Fun-loving, outgoing, and wants company. Not Neurotic and Extraverted Melancholic = excess of black bile. Gloomy, depressed. Neurotic and Introverted Phlegmatic = excess of phlegm. Sluggish, lazy. Not Neurotic and Introverted Choleric = excess yellow bile. Violentaggressive. Neurotic and Extraverted Personality trait is continuous across time and situations: - do not have to be distinct (e.g. more than one person can be cheery) - they do have to reveal themselves in a variety of situations - they have to be enduring - they have to be unique to the person - better than types, since it is easier to measure the degree of a trait than it is a type Allport: - studied how words were used to describe personality traits - idea was that if a trait was important enough, it could be defined by one word - Initially had 18 000 words - Of these, 4500 were personality traits Cardinal traits: those traits that define a person - Mandelas need for justice or Mother Teresas generosity Central traits: traits that capture important characteristics about the person saying they are honest or confident Secondary traits: traits that have minor influence on consistency of behaviour he is a punctual person Cattell: - Argued there were 16 personality traits (he called these factors) - Used factor analysis to limit down 4500 traits to 35 clusters www.notesolution.com
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