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Chapter 12

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PSYA02Chapter 12PersonalityPersonality An individuals characteristic style of behaving thinking and feelingPersonality What it is and How it is MeasuredDescribing and Explaining Personality Most personality psychologists focus on specific psychologically meaningful individual differences Explanations of Personality Differenceso 1 Prior events that can shape an individuals personalityo 2 Anticipated events that might motivate the person to reveal particular personality characteristics The consideration of anticipated events emphasizes the persons own perspective and often seems intimate and personal in its reflection of the persons inner lifehopes fears and aspirations Personality psychologists study questions of how our personalities are determined by the forces in our minds and in our personal history of heredity and environmentPersonality Inventories Self Report A series of answers to a questionnaire that asks people to indicate the extent to which sets of statements or adjectives accurately describe their own behaviour or mental state Scales based on the content of selfreports have been devised to assess a whole range of personality characteristics Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory MMPI2 A wellresearched clinical questionnaire used to assess personality and psychological problemso Measures tendencies toward clinical problems Ex Depression hypochondria anxiety paranoia o Also includes validity scales that assess a persons attitudes towards test taking and any tendency to try to distort the results by faking answersProjective Techniquesnd Projective Techniques 2 major class of tools A standard series of ambiguous stimuli designed to elicit unique responses that reveal inner aspects of an individuals personalityo Developers assumed people will project personality factors that are out of awarenesswishes concerns impulsesways of seeing the world Rorschach Inkblot Test A projective personality test in which individual interpretations of the meaning of a set of unstructured inkblots are analyzed to identify a respondents inner feelings and interpret his or her personality structure
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