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Chapter 9

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PSYA02H3 Language and ThroughtChapter 95 Key higher cognitive functions all critical to our fucntioning Acquiring and using language Forming conceptsandcategories Making decisions Solving problems Reasoning Language and CommunicationLanguage is a system for communication with other using signals that are combinded according to rues of grammer and convey meaning o Allows use to exchange information corrdinate group actions and form socials bondsGrammer is a set of rules that specify how the units of language can be combined to produce meaningful messages Disingishion of human languageo Complex structureo Humans use words to refer to intangible thingso We use language to name categorize and describe things to ourselvesPhonemes the smalles unitof sounf that are recogizable as speech rather than as random noiseso Ba vs PaPhonological rules indicate how phonmemes can be combined to produce speech soundso Ts is accepted in german but not in englisho If the rules are broken we describe it as speaking with an accent Phonemes are combined to make morphemes The smalles meaningful unit of language Brocas and nickes areas of the brain are known as the language centers of the brain Aphasia difficulty in producing or comprehending speech The boy hit the ballThe boyhit the ballThe boy hittheballT he b o i h i t th e b o l Morphological rules indicate how morphemes can be combined Sytactical rules indicate how words can be combined to form sentences
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