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Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Treament of psychological disorders.docx

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Steve Joordens

Chapter 15 Treament of psychological disorders Treatment: getting help to thoe who need it - people mail fail to get treatment because of the following problems o people may not realize that their discord need to be treated o there may be barriers to treatme such as beliefs and circumstances that keep people from egtting help o even people who acknowledge they have problems may not know where to look for servies - types of treatment o psychotherapy: interactions with psychotherapist o medical or biological treatment: mental discord is treated with drugs or surgey Psychological Therapies: Healing the mind throguh interaction - psycholotherapy: is an interaction between a therapist and someone suffering from a psychological problem with the goal of proving support or relief from the problem - eclectic psychotherapy: form ofpsychotherapy that involves drawing on techniques from different forms of therapy depending on the client and the problem - psychodynamic psychotherapies: explor childhood event an encourage individuals to use this understanding to develop insight into their psychological problems o the path to overcoming psychological problem is to develop insight into the unconscious memories impulses wishes and coflicts that are assumed to underlie these problems o techniques to help develop insight  free associatin- repoting of eveything that enter into the mind  dream anaysis- dreams as metaphors that symbolize unconscious conflicts or wishes and that contain disguised clues  interpretation- process of deciphering the meaning  analysis of resistence- trying on different interpretations of the thoughts and actions o transference: when the analysts begins to assume a major significanace in the clients life and the client reacts to the analyst based on unconscious childhood fantasies o interpersonal psycholtherapsy: a form of psychotherapy that focuses on helping clients improve current relationships - behaviour therapy: discordered behaviour is learned and that symptom relief is achieved throguh changing overmaladaptive behaviours into more constructive behaviours o eliminating unwanted behaviours o promoting desried behaviou
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