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Chapter 17

Chapter 17 notes

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John Bassili

Monday, March 22, 2010 Lecture 31 Chapter 17 – Nature and Causes of Psychological Disorders Mr. Amitay showed us two films A schizophrenic patient is talking to a psychologist/psychiatrist and he said “I feel like I was called here to be electrocuted, killed tortured for my sins and it’s scary because that picture over there has a headache.” Psychologist: Can you describe what you see the picture? Patient: Sperm and egg make a baby and only one sperm. When they touch, it’s nuclear fusion instead of formation of a human being. When you look at him, you can tell right away that the patient is engaging in this repetitive behaviour by twirling his hair. You can tell there’s something odd about him and as soon as he speaks. He’s delusional, odd behaviours, his thoughts are all over the place. When he talks, you realize, the thigns he’s saying don’t go together. These are the OBVIOUS symptoms of schizophrenia. Many POSITIVE signs of schizophrenia. Betty is another schizophrenic patient. She’s been suffering from it for 20 years. Just by looking at her, you can’t tell there’s anything wrong with her. But as soon as she starts talking, then you know that there is something wrong with her. She looks fine, not engaging in any weird behaviours. She has hard days because of demons (not personal demons. She meant evil spirit demons)gripping her. They look like monks, but they can’t think and they follow her around and tells her she’s stupid and embarrassing and that she shouldn’t talk about schizophrenia. They’re in the room, lined up across the wall and standing there chanting ,” You’re worthless, no good!” she calls up the psychologist for a reality check and then the psychologist reassures her there are no demons. Words go around her head and people could read them so that they can read what’s on her mind, but the psychologist reassures her that he cannot read her thoughts. She sees bloody faces and says it’s terrifying not to be in control of your own mind. She knows none of these are real, but it feels like they are real. In schizophrenics, the voices that they hear in their heads always say negative things. The difference between hallucination and delusion* • Hallucination: false perception. You see, hear, taste, smell, hear things that aren’t real or aren’t there, like seeing bloody faces • Most common form of hallucination is auditory, hearing voices • If someone has visual hallucinations, it’s a worse prognosis. It’s associated with more severe symptoms • A delusion is not a false perception, it’s a false belief. Ex: If you think you’re perfect, that’s delusional • Someone who believes they’re God or that they’re being persecuted, that’s delusional • Betty’s delusion is that people can read her mind. • Betty had both auditory and visual hallucinations. • The man had delusions • Religious delusions are the more common ones. When people start losing their minds, religion seems to be the path they go down. Religion doesn’t make you crazy, but there seems to be an appeal. People who have paranoid schizophrenia usually go down the path of religion and they’re extremely religious • The other theme of these delusion that’s common is that if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, s/he is cheating on you • The man, named Gerard, had delus
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