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13 Psychological DisordersMedical model using our understanding of medical conditions to think about psychological conditionsAbnormal psychology the psychological study of mental illnessMaladaptive behaviour behaviour that hinders a persons ability to function in work school relationships or society causes distress to self or others impairs ability to function in daytoday activities increases risk of death injury legal problemsDiagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders fourth edition DSMIV the manual that establishes criteria for the diagnosis of mental disorders created by the American Psychiatric Association offers a set of clear guidelines for determining some 350 mental disorders includes 3 pieces of info1A set of symptoms2The etiology origins or causes of symptoms3Prognosis how these symptoms will persist or change over timeHas limitations such as the incomplete agreement on how to classify many disorders and whether some conditions should be included or notDisorders are primarily based on observation of clients rather that more objective markers like genesneurotransmitters or brain abnormalitiesAxis I clinical disorders diagnosed in infancy childhood or adolescences includes psychiatric an behavioural disorders includes mood anxiety thought and substance abuse problemsAxis II retardation patterns of maladaptive behaviour might be selfcentred immune to others feelings or in need of attentionAxis III general medical conditions physicians provide info about a medical condition that a mental health worker should know symptoms of a physical disorder may be confused with those of a psychiatric oneAxis IV psychosocial and environmental problems problems in social circles may mimic psychological symptoms however do not constitute enough evidence for the diagnosis of an Axis I disorderAxis V clinicians use this scale to assess the overall psychological interpersonal and workrelated functioning on a scale from 100 very high level functioning1severely impaired functioningDimensional view of psychological disorders the normalabnormal distinction is a matter of degree Categorical view of psychological disorders different medical conditions are separate types differences are in kind rather than degree down syndrome 25 of Americans will experience a disorder within a given yearInsanity defense the legal strategy of claiming that a defendant was unable to differentiate between right and wrong when the criminal act was committed MNaghten rule occurs in 1 of federal cases Stigmas negative stereotypes about what it means to have a psychological disorder may lead to discrimination unjustified fears and alienation attaching labels can also lead people to misinterpret a normal behaviour as symptoms of a disorder Learning about ones disorder may increase positive emotional experiences during treatment Personal contact and knowledge of the biopsychosocial model are associate with lower stigma education helps too Personality disorders
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