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Steve Joordens

Abnormal psych study of mental illnessMaladaptive behaviour behaviour that hinders a persons ability to function in societyCauses distress to self or othersImpairs ability to function in day to day activitiesIncreases risk of injury death legal problems or punishment Diagnostic and statistical manual for mental disorders fourth edition DSMIV establishes criteria got the diagnosis of mental disorders American Psychiatric Association provides info for determining presence of 350 metal disordersFor each guidelines display 3 important pieces of info about an individuals experience a set of symptoms the etiology or cause of symptoms and prognosis or how symptoms will change over time Mostly determined by observations of clients or patients rather than genes neurotransmitters or brain abnormalitiesNew version in May 2013The 5 Axes of DSMIVDimensional view most symptoms are typical just last longer than usual long stress in PTSDCategorical view a disorder is not an extreme version of normal thoughts but something different altogether Down Syndrome 25 of Americans will experience a disorder within a given yearInsanity defense the legal strategy of claiming that a defendant was unable to differentiate between right and wrong when a criminal act was committed MNaghten rule advanced in 1 of cases and has a 20 success rate
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