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Chapter 9


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Steve Joordens

CHAPTER 9Measuring Aptitude and Intelligence Achievement and Aptitude Achievement tests measure knowledge and thinking skills that an individual has acquired ex Test and quizzes taken in classAptitude tests designed to measure an individuals potential to perform well on a specific range of tasks ex SATs Constructing and Evaluating TestsPsychometrics the measurement of psychological traits and abilities including personality attitudes and intelligence Two important concepts in psychometrics reliability and validityValidity the degree to which a test actually measures the trait or ability it is intended to measure Predictive validity the degree to which a test predicts future performance Reliability the measurement of the degree to which a test produces consistent resultsTestretest reliability psychologist should be able to rely on a test to produce consistent scores Standardization and NormsStandardized test a test that has a set of questions or problems that are administered and scored in a uniform standardized way across large numbers of individualsNorms statistics that allow individuals to be evaluated relative to a typical or standard score usually out of 100Standard deviation measures around mean may be thought of as the average distance away from the average Intelligence tests usually have standard deviation set to 15 points Thus we also know what is far from above average or below average and only slightly below average aside from only knowing what is above and below averagePercentage tile rank the percentage of scores below a certain point ex Score of 100 has a percentile rank of 05 meaning that 50 of the population scores below this levelNorm is established by giving the test to hundreds of people and then calculating the mean and the standard deviation It is needed to be renormed every 10 years or so to ensure that he mean and the standard deviation are still the same Wonderlic test used for NFL draftApproaches to Intelligence TestingThe StanfordBinet Testcreated because they needed a test to see which students needed extra help to catch up after the French government created the Commission on the Education of Retarded Children
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