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Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 Basics of PsychoanalysisThe aim of psychoanalytic approach is to answer the question of what goes on in the dark hidden unconscious recesses of the human mindFreud HimselfMedical doctor who practiced in Vienna from 1890s to 1930s Believed humans have an aggressive destructive urge that in the end would destroy us Freud discovered that when his patients talked about their psychological problems sometimes that by itself was enough to help or even cure them At first Freud used hypnosis to get his patients to talk about difficult topics Later he turned to the use of free association instructing patients to say whatever came to mind for the same purpose The talking cure It was one of the greatest contributions to psychotherapyFreud thought he knew why talking about it helps One reason is because making thoughts and fears explicit by saying them out loud brings them into the open where the conscious rational mind can deal with them Another reason is that the psychotherapist can provide emotional support during the patients difficult task of trying to figure out what is going onFreuds ideas came from the patients he treated and even more importantly from his observations of the workings of his own mind This is something the psychoanalytic approach has in common with the humanistic approach Both psychoanalysts and humanists begin the psychological endeavor with the attempt to know themselves An important part of traditional psychoanalytic training is being psychoanalyzed oneself The Key Ideas of PsychoanalysisThe four ideas that make up the foundation of psychoanalysis are psychic determinism internal structure psychic conflict and mental energy Psychic DeterminismThe first and most fundamental assumption of the psychoanalytic approach is psychic determinism Determinism is the idea that everything that happens has a cause that can be identified The psychic determinism at the root of the psychoanalytic approach is the assumption that everything that happens in a persons mind and therefore everything that a person thinks and does also has a specific cause
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