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PSYA02 Ch 11

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John Bassili

PSYA02 Ch 11 Intelligence and Thinking y Intelligence the general term used to refer to a persons ability to learn and remember info to recognize concepts and their relations and to apply the info to their own bhvr in an adaptive way y Differential approach an approach to the study of intelligence that involves the creation of tests that identify and measure individual differences in ppls knowledge and abilities to solve problemsy Developmental approach an approach to the study of the intelligence based on the way children learn to perceive manipulate and think about the world Jean Piagety Information processing approach an approach to the study of the intelligence that focuses on the types of skills people use to think and to solve problems y SPEARMANS TWOFACTOR THEORY y G factor a factor of intelligence that is common to all intellectual tasks includes apprehension of experience eduction of relations and eduction of correlates analogies lawyer client doctor patient qualitative principles of cognition general reasoning ability y S factor a factor of intelligence that is specific to a particular tasky Factor analysis a statistical procedure that identifies common factors among groups of tests Factor A Verbal ability vocab information comprehensionsimilarities Factor B Maintaining info in shortterm memory and manipulating numbers arithmetic digit symbolFactor C Spatial ability block design object assembly picture completionarrangementy The factors of intelligence vary subjectively according to the investigator y Thurstone verbal comprehension verbal fluency number spatial visualization memory reasoning and perceptual speedAfter a secondorder factor analysis on Thurstones findings Horn and Catell found 2 major factorsy Crystallized intelligence Gc tasks that require ppl to have acqd info f their culture such as vocab based on cultural schooltype learning what a person has accomplished through the use of their fluid intelligencey Fluid intelligence Gf culturefree tasks that measure the ability to see relations among objects or th ability to see patterns in a repeating series of items native capacity for intellectual performance based on casual learningy Successful intelligence according to Sternberg the ability to effectively analyze and manage personal strengths and weaknesses by using the strengths to greatest advantage and minimizing the impact of weaknesses by overcomingcompensating for them analytical creative practical y Analytical intelligence according to Sternberg the mental mechanisms ppl use to planexecute tasks includes metacomponents the process where the nature of an intellectual problem strategy to solving it and allocation of resources are decided planning performance components the process actually used to perform the task and knowledge acquisition componentsy Creative intelligence according to Sternberg the ability to deal effectively w
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