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PSYA02 Ch 15

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John Bassili

PSYA02 Ch 15 Social psychology the branch of psych that studies our social naturehow the actual imagined or implied presence of others influences our thoughts feelings and bhvrs Social cognition the processes involved in perceiving interpreting and acting on social info A major task of social psych is to understand how ppl form impressions of others Impression formation the way we integrate info about anothers traits into a coherent sense of who the person is Schema a mental framework of body of knowledge that organizes and synthesizes info about a person place or thing schemata guides our interpretations Central traits personality attributes that organize and influence the interpretation of other traits Organize and influence our understanding of other traits a person possesses to a greater extent than do other traitswitty smart and warmpositive sense of the person Primacy effect the tendency to form impressions of ppl based on the first info we receive about them first impressions might overpower later impressionsSelfconcept selfidentity ones knowledge feelings and ideas about oneself Dynamic changes w new experiences or receive feedback about our bhvr Self a persons distinct individuality Selfschema a mental framework that represents and synthesizes info about oneself a cognitive structure that organizes the knowledge feelings and ideas that constitute the selfconceptCross cultural psychology a branch of psych that studies the effects of culture on bhvr Culture differ w respect to 2 major variables biological and ecological Biological variables include diet genetics and endemic diseases Ecological variables include geography climate political systems popn density religion cultural myths and education Bhvrl differences among ppl of diff cultures result f differences in biological and ecological variables Culture and psychological processes are fundamentally intertwinedWestern cultures often emphasize the uniqueness of the person and an appreciation of being different f others In contrast Japanese and other Eastern cultures often emphasize paying attention to others and the relatedness of the person and others Independent construal emphasizes the uniqueness of the self autonomy and selfrelianceInterdependent construal emphasizes the interconnectedness of ppl and the role that others play in dvlping an individuals selfconceptwhat others think of the person or do to them mattersthe person is sensitive to others and strives to form strong social bonds w themAttribution the process by which ppl infer the causes of other ppls bhvr The primary classification that we make concerning the causes of ones bhvr is the importance of situational external or dispositional internal factors
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