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Chapter 10

PSYA02 chapter10 note

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Marc A Fournier

PSYA02 Chapter 10 noteScanning of textFixationA brief interval between saccadic eye movements during which the eye does not move visual information is gathered during this timePhonetic and wholeword recognition Evidence from NeuropsychologyPhonetic Readingreading by decoding the phonetic significance of letter strings Sound readingWholeword readingreading by recognizing a word as a whole sight readingReaders have two basic ways to recognize words Phonetic and Wholeword recognitionDuring reading Phonetic and Wholeword reading are engaged in race If the word is familiar Whole word method but if the word is unfamiliar the phonetic methodSurface dyslexia A reading disorder in which people can read words phonetically but have difficulty reading irregularly spelled words by the wholeword methodPhonological dyslexiaA reading disorder in which people can read familiar wods but have difficulty reading unfamiliar words or pronounceable nonwords because they cannot sound out wordsDirect DyslexiaA language disorder caused by brain damage in which people can read words aloud without understanding themThe best evidence that proves that people can read words without sounding them out comes from studies of patients with DyslexiasDyslexia means eFaulty Readingf All of these disorders are caused by damage to the left parietal lobe or left temporal lobe but the anatomy of dyslexias is not well understoodSurface dyslexia is a deficit in whole word reading The term surface reflects the fact that people with this disorder make errors related to the visual appearance of the words and to pronunciation rules not to the meaning of the words which is
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