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Chapter 14

Chapter 14

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Steve Joordens

Chapter 14 Personalitypersonalityparticular pattern of behaviour and thinking prevailing across time and situations that differentiates one person from anotherassessment of personality is derived from resultsof special tests designed to identify particular personality characteristics and goal of studying it is to discover causes of individual differences in behaviouridentifying personality characteristics and determining variables that produce and control themTrait Theories of Personalitiestrait theorists use personality in terms of everyday life set of personal characteristics that determines different ways we act and react in variety of situationsPersonality Types and Traitsearliest explanation of personality differences is humoural theory proposed by thHippocrates in 4 centurybased on common Greek medical beliefsbody contained 4 humoursfluids yellow bile black bile phlegm and bloodclassified according to disposition produced by predominance of humourcholericexcess of yellow bile and were bad tempered and irritablemelanchloicexcess of black bile and were gloomy and pessimisticphlegmaticexcess of phlegm and were sluggish calm and unexcitablesanguineexcess of blood which made them cheerful and passionatepersonality typesdifferent categories into which personality characteristics can be assigned based on factors such as developmental experiences or physical characteristicsFreudpeople go through several stages of psychosexual developement with different types of people having problems associated with different stagesindividual differences generally conceived as degree of personality not kindTooby and Cosmidesnature of human reproduction makes evolution of specific personality types unlikely because sex produces a reshuffling of genes in each generation making it highly unlikely that single unified set of genes related to personality type would be passed on from generation to generationmany personlity differences must be traced back to impact of environmental factorsprefer to measure degree to which individual expresses particular personality traitpersonality traitenduring personal characteristic that reveals itself in a particular pattern of behaviour in a variety of situationthere are factors that underlie patterns responsible for behaviouronce personality traits are developed they reside in our brainbut are not purely biological learning is inolvedchanges brought about by learning have neurological basis in brainIdentification of personality traitsAllports Search for Traits
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