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Chapter 11

Chapter 11 TEXTBOOK NOTES- MIDTERM REVIEW (Intelligence)

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John Bassili

Chapter 11: Intelligence and Thinking ,:I[Z Z^9 - Suffered stroke in his right hemisphere which paralyzed the left side of his body - Was intelligent and his verbal intelligence was remarkable - Has a lack of reaction to his symptomswhen asked about his lifestyle he thinks he can still go on walks for two hours a day and finish his hiking trail in the next six months even though he is paralyzed from the left side - ,lL}ZZ]ZoZ LL}LZLZZKLZ~ L[}Ld two together) Intelligence - Z}L[Z]o]}learn and remember information - to recognize concepts and their relations - to be able to apply the information to their own behaviour in an adaptive way - definition greatly depends on cultural judgments Study of intelligence is dominated by three main approaches: 1) The differential approach favours development of tests that identify and measure individual ]L Z]L}o[Z]o]]Z}Z}o}oKZ - Tests that use skills important in the classroom - Define words, explain problems - Describe similarities in shapes and patterns - People vary in terms of abilities to learn (words, solve problems) - We can best investigate the nature of intelligence by studying the ways in which people differ on tests 2) Developmental approach studies the way in which children learn to perceive, manipulate and think about the world - Jean Piaget is known for this approach 3) Information Processing approach focuses on the type of skills people use to think and to solve various types of problems Z}^L2[Z]LoL]oZ}}Z ZZo]Loo]2L ~} ZZ}L}o[Z]o]}Lo and manage personal strengths and weaknesses) will be the focus of this chapter. Is intelligence a global trait or is it a composite of separate, independent abilities? - J}oZ]L2oKZ}Z}K}L[ZZo] ]o]]ZZo]L] ]L2]Loo]2L related to a different field? Example: athletic ability consist of a variety of skills and difference sports require different combinations of skills being a professional ice hockey player and then going on to become a baseball player some researchers promote the idea that some intellectual abilities are completely independent of the other - A person can be excellent at spatial reasoning but poor at solving verbal analogies (their specific intelligence in one area cannot be applied to other areas=independent) www.notesolution.com
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