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Chapter 15


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Chapter 15: Social Psychology April 4, 2009 Social Psychology: How the thoughts, feelings, behaviour of individuals is influenced by the presence of others. Social cognition: How individuals perceive, respond and interpret to the social world. The way in which we define a person based on their traits is known as impression formation. Schema is a mental framework that organizes information pertaining to a person, place or thing. A schema assists in interpreting the world. Central traits organize and influence our understanding of other traits a person possesses and dominates over other traits. For example, words like warm and cold form different impressions and classify as central traits. Whereas, words like blunt and polite do not generate different impressions. These are called peripheral impressions. Primacy effect: Formulating an impression based on initial information provided where the emphasis lies on information presented earlier. This effect is more pronounced in mentally fatigued individuals. Self concept is defined as the way in which a person describes himherself. It is not static since it changes with experiences. The mental framework that composes information about oneself is called self-schema. It behaves like a structure organizing knowledge, feelings, and ideas making the self-concept. Markus and Kitayama (1991) proposed independent construal and interdependent construal Independent construal Interdependent construal Uniqueness of the self, independence from Role others play in developing an others and self-reliance individuals self-concept 1 www.notesolution.com
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