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Chapter 18

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Steve Joordens

Early Treatment of Psychological Disorderstrephining surgical procedure in which a hole is made in the skill of a living personthought to permit evil spirits to leave the victims headsometimes exorcism was attempted to make the persons body an unpleasant place for devils to resideJohann Wier was among the first to challenge witchcraft and suggested that these people were suffering from mental illnesslater people were confined to asylum sometimes kept in chainsPhillippe Pinel believed that mental patients would respond favourably to kind treatment Dorothea Dix led the campaign for humane treatment of mental patients first psychiatric hospital was built in Nova ScotiaThe Development of Psychotherapybeginnings traced to Franz Anton Mesmer who tried to hypnotize patients and get rid of their symptoms mesmerismeclectic approach form of therapy in which the therapist uses whatever method heshe feels will work best for a particular client at a particular time combining aspects of several diff treatment approachesInsight TherapiesPsychoanalysis and Modern Psychodynamic Approachespsychoanalysis form of therapy aimed at providing theclient with insight into hisher unconscious motivations and impulses Freudid ego superegopurpose of therapy is to create a setting in which clues about the origins of intrapsychic conflicts are most likely to be revealed by the clientmain goal of psychoanalyst is to interpret the clues about the origins of intrapsychic conflict given by the clientclients main job is to provide the psychoanalyst with something to interpretPsychoanalytic Techniquesfree association psychoanalytic procedure in which the client is encouraged to speak freely wo censoring possibly embarrassingsocially unacceptable thoughtsideas o dream interpretation is a hallmark of psychoanalysis o analyst must be able to distinguish bw dreams manifest and latent contentsresistance development during therapy in which the client becomes defensive unconsciously attempting to halt further insight by censoring hisher true feelingstransference client begins to project powerful attitudesemotions onto the therapistcountertransference therapist projects hisher emotions onto the client usually unhealthy and desirable bc to be effective the analyst must remain emotionally detachedobjective
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