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HEALTHY AND UNHEALTHY LIFESTYLESDrinking Alcoholic BeveragesTo abuse a substance means to use it in a way that poses a threat to the safetywellbeing of the usersocietyboth AlcoholismAn addiction to ethanol the psychoactive agent in alcoholic beverages o Psychoactive Substanceany substance that affects the brainCNS functioning 51 ratio of men to women of alcohol consumptionStrong correlation w alcohol consumptionviolent relationshipsNeuronal activity of the brain becomes suppressedreduces inhibitory controls on beh when moderate to heavy lvls of alcohol is consumed individuals becomeo More relaxedoutgoing o Impaired motor coordination o Difficulty thinking clearly Even more alcohol is consumer o Producing distortions in perception o Slurred speech o Memory loss o Impaired judgement o Poor control of movementAlcohol bc small fatwater soluble molecules is rapidly absorbed from stomach to intestinal tractis quickly n evenly distributed throughout the body via the circulatory systemBlood alcohol lvls are affected by body mass and muscularityLarger personmore alcohol Muscular personmore alcohol Alcohol is metabolized by the liver in a constant rate regardless of amountmetabolize 85gramshr 0304 blood alcohol levellose consciousness 05 blood alcohol levelneurons in the brain lose control of respiratorycirculatory system stop functioningcausing death Delirium Tremens DTspattern of withdrawal symptoms that includestrembling irritability hallucinations sleeplessnessconfusion when attempt to quit drinkingo Some alcoholics become some dependent that stopping drinking produces convulsionsometimes deathRefer to page 521 Table 164 Effects of Mixing Alcohol with Other DrugsAlcohol like cigarettes is prompted from 1 Imitation 2 Peer PressureTreatments aversion therapy or extensive counselling psychologistscounsellors aim to teach inds 1 Identify environmental cuescircumstances that may cause addictive beh to occurrecur 2 Learn to behave in ways that are compatible w the undesirable beh 3 Have confidence that heshe can overcome addiction 4 View setbacks in overcoming the addiction as a tempas learning experiences in which new coping skills are acquiredPrevention programs for addictive beh is only moderately successful
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