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Chapter 5

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John Bassili

Chapter 5 ExtinctionOccurs when 1 A behaviour that has been previously reinforced 2 No longer results in the reinforcing consequences 3 Therefore the behaviour stops occurring in the futureSkinner demonstrated extinction with lab animals pigeon no longer received food as a reinforce for pecking the key keypecking behaviour stopped rat and receiving food by pressing leverExtinctions in human behaviour decreasing night time tantrums of young child tantrums reinforced by parents attentionExtinctions to stop selfinjurious behaviour of mentally retarded child incorrect math answersExtinction burstonce behaviour no longer reinforced often increases briefly in frequency duration intensity before it decreases and ultimately stopsExtinction burstnovel behaviours behaviours that dont typically occur in a particular situation may occur for a brief period when a behaviour is no longer reinforcedExample when Amandas parents no longer reinforced her crying at night she cried longer and louder increased duration and intensity but she also screamed and hit her pillow novel behaviourSometimes the novel behaviours during extinction bursts may include emotional responsesExtinction burst involves increase in unreinforced behaviour or occurrence of novel and sometimes emotional behaviours for brief period very natural reactionSpontaneous Recovery natural tendency for the behaviour to occur again in s
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