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Chapter 7

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John Bassili

Chapter 7 Stimulus ControlDiscrimination and GeneralizationAntecedents stimulus events that precede an operant response o Antecedents of behaviours stimulus events situations circumstances that are present when it occurs or were present before the behaviourStimulus control behaviour is said to be under stimulus control when there is an increased probability that the behaviour will occur in the presence of a specific antecedent stimulus or a stimulus from a specific stimulus class ie Red strawberriesStimulus control develops because a behaviour is reinforced only in the presence of a particular antecedent stimulusDiscriminative stimulus Sd antecedent stimulus that is present when a behaviour is reinforcedStimulus discrimination training process of reinforcing a behaviour only when a specific antecedent stimulus Sd is present2 steps in stimulus discrimination training o 1 When the Sd is present behaviour is reinforced o 2 When any other antecedent stimuli except the Sd are present behaviour is not reinforced During discrimination training any antecedent stimulus that is present when behaviour is not reinforced is called an SdeltaSd presentbehaviour more likely to occur but does not cause behaviour to occur Sdelta present
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