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Psychology book notes Chapter 1psychologyscience of behaviourPhysiological psychologyexamines science of behaviour in nonhuman animals including learning memory sensory process emotional behaviour motivation sexual behaviour and sleepComparative psychologystudying behaviour of members of a variety of species in an attempt to explain behaviour in terms of evolutionary adaption to the environment studying things like behaviour patterns such as courting and mating predation aggression defensive behaviour and parental behaviourBehaviour analysisStudies effect of environmental events on behaviour Interested in motivation and learning Behaviours that produce pleasant outcomes are to be repeatedBehaviour geneticsstudies the role of genetics in behaviour Cognitive psychologystudy of mental processes and complex behaviours such as perception attention learning and memory verbal behaviour concept formation and problem solvingCognitive neurosciencegenerally interested in same things as cognitive psychology but it attempts to discover the specific brain mechanisms responsible for cognitive processesDevelopmental psychologystudy of physical cognitive emotional and social development especially of childrenSocial psychologystudy of ppl on ppl Studies perception of oneself as well as of causeandaffect relations in human interactions attitudes and opinions interpersonal relationships group dynamics and emotional behaviours including aggression and sexual behaviourPersonality psychologystudy the patterns of behaviour Evolutionary psychologyseeks to explain cognitive social and personality aspects of psychology by looking at their adaptive significance during the evolution of modern species Crossculturalstudy of the impact of culture on behaviourClinical psychologystudy of psychological disorders and problems of adjustment p9Animismeverything has a soul Dualismmind and matterEmpiricismpursuit of truth through observation and experience Determinismthe doctrine that behaviour is the result of prior eventsStructuralismthe structure of the mind built from the elements of consciousness such as ideas and sensationsWilliam WundtStructuralism and believed in introspectionJohn B WatsonBehaviourism Chapter 2Scientific methodset of rules a scientist must follow during research
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