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Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Personality (from Locus of Control to end)

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University of Toronto Scarborough
John Bassili

Chapter 14: Social Cognitive Approaches Locus of Control Refers to whether one believes that that the consequences of ones actions are controlled by internal (control of fate), person variables or by external, environmental variables Rotter developed the I-E Scaleassesses the degree to which people perceive the consequences of their behaviour to be under the control of internal or external variables o Contains 29 pairs of statements to which a person indicated his or her degree of agreement o Scored by counting the number of choices consistent with either the internal or the external locus of control orientation o Results have shown that people who have internal locus control orientation will work harder to obtain a goal in comparison to those who have external locus control Internal orientations also achieve stronger academic grades, yet blame themselves during failure o People who have internal orientations are more likely to be aware of and to engage in good health practices Positive Psychology Martin Seligman suggested that psychology should concern itself with the beneficial aspects of personality that make life rewarding and fulfilling Positive psychology is a psychological program that examines optimal human functioning Used to study origins, processes, and mechanisms that lead to psychological well- being, satisfaction, and fulfillment Ex: forgiveness is a factor in the quality of marriage The social role for women place a strong emphasis on social spilsitive psychology would seek to understand the interplay between personality variables that promotes a valued relationship www.notesolution.com
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