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Chapter 16

ch.16 textbook notes detailed

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John Bassili

Chapter 16 Lifestyle, Stress and Health Lifestyle choices and Consequences Cultural evolution: a cultures adaptive change to recurrent environmental pressures driven mainly by psychological forces Its a product of human intellect and physical capacity which have genetic components Cultural evolution has been the primary agent involved in shaping lifestyle Lifestyle: the aggregate behavior of a person; the way they lead their life Today there is no predominant lifestyle like there was for prehistoric ancestors - cultural evolution has allowed us to have the luxury of choosing among alternatives Cultural evolution has resulted in a much higher standard of living than ancestors but has caused health and safety threats Although the consequences of unhealthy lifestyle behavior (excessive drinking) have obvious negative biological implications, the behaviors themselves can be acquired and maintained by both biological and psychological factors The law of effect: Behaviors that produce favorable consequences tend to be repeated and those that produce unfavorable consequences tend not to be repeated Many unhealthy behaviours have reinforcing consequences in the short run and damaging consequences in the long run - enjoy now, suffer later Short term benefits with long term consequences *interim summary p.528* Stress and Health Stress: a pattern of physiological, behavioural, emotional, and cognitive responses to real or imagined stimuli that are perceived as blocking a goal or endangeringthreatening our well-being Stress is a response to something that is challenging in the environment (a stressor-- something challenging in the environment). Stressors: aversive stimuli that are perceived as endangering ones well being; they cause stress Stress is a product of natural selection (behavioural adaptation that has helped us fight or flee from enemies) It helps us confront or escape threatening situations Stressors come in many forms from natural catastrophes to everyday irritators; but theyre not always bad (like stress from athletic competition and class exams) and can affect behaviour in positive ways If its extended over a long period of time it can have health effects psychologically and physically The Biological Basis of Stress Our physical response to stress is governed by our autonomic nervous system which is controlled by the hypothalamus www.notesolution.com
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