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Chapter 14

detailed account of chapter 14 from psychodynamics

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John Bassili

Psychodynamic Approach (Sigmund Freud) Psychodynamic Freudian notion that the mind is in a state of conflict among instincts, reason, and conscience Unconscious inaccessible part of the mind, still exert control over conscious thoughts and actions Structures of the Mind: Id, Ego, and Superego The mind has 3 structures: id, ego, and superego Id the unconscious reservoir of libido, the psychic energy that fuels instincts and psychic processes. Only obeys one rule to obtain immediate gratification Libido a part of id, is the primary source of instinctual motivation for all psychic forces; insistent and unresponsive to demands of reality Pleasure principle the rule that id obeys: obtain immediate gratification, whatever form it may take Ego the thinking, planning, and protective self; it controls and integrates behaviour. Acts as a mediator, negotiating a compromise among the pressures of the id, the counter pressures of the superego, and demands of reality a persons safety requirements Reality principle the tendency to satisfy the ids demands realistically, involves compromising the demands of id and superego Superego repository of individuals moral values, divided into conscience and ego-ideal. Conscience the internalization of a societys rules and regulations, determines what behaviours are good and punishes wrongdoing with guilt Ego-ideal internalization of ones goals Manifest content surface storyline of a dream, disguises its latent content Latent content hidden message of a dream, produced by the unconscious, motivated by repressed wishes and urges Free association a method of Freudian analysis in which an individual is asked to relax, clear his or her mind of what they are thinking, and report all thoughts, images, perceptions, and feelings that come to mind www.notesolution.com
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