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Chapter 16

chapter 16 broken down/high lighted

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John Bassili

Chapter 16 Lifestyle, Stress, and Health Cultural Evolution: Lifestyle Choices and Consequences Cultural evolution cultures adaptive change to recurrent environmental pressures; driven by psychological forces Lifestyle the aggregate behaviour of a person, or the way a person leads their life Unhealthy behaviours have reinforcing consequences in the short run and damaging consequences in the long run. Enjoy now, suffer later Healthy and Unhealthy Lifestyles Nutrition Coronary heart disease (CHD) narrowing of blood vessels that supply nutrients to the heart Cancer malignant and intrusive tumour that destroys body organs and tissue Serum cholesterol a chemical that occurs naturally in the bloodstream, where it serves as a detoxifier; main culprit in CHD. Cholesterol as two forms: HDL (high density; good cholesterol, protects against CHD) and LDL (low density; bad cholesterol, promotes plaque) Physical Fitness Aerobic exercises exercises that expend considerable energy, increase blood flow and respiration, and increase bodys efficiency in using oxygen Cigarette Smoking Passive smoking inhalation of smoke from others cigarettes; second hand smoking Tolerance the neurons in the central nervous system (CNS) respond progressively less and less to the presence of the drug; larger dose is then required Physical dependence CNS neurons now require the presence of the drug to function normally Withdrawal symptoms uncomfortable physical conditions such as sweating, tremors, and anxiety www.notesolution.com
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