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Chapter 11

chapter 11

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Chapter 11Intelligence intelligence a persons ability to learn and remember information to recognize concepts and their relationships and to apply the information to their own behaviour in an adaptive wayo any definition of intelligence depends on cultural judgmentstudy of intelligence has THREE main type1 differential approach o development of tests that identify and measure individual differences in peoples abilities to solve problems o ex this approach asks people to define words complete puzzles explain proverbs solve arithmetic problems ETC2 developmental approach ostudies the ways in which children learn to perceive manipulate and think about the world 3 information processing approach o focuses on the types of skills people use to think and to solve various types of problems eg processing information received to solve problemsTheories of Intelligence some intellectual abilities are completely independent from each othero person can be excellent at spatial reasoning but poor at solving verbal anologiesSpearmans TwoFactor Theory g factor a factor of intelligence that is GENERAL to ALL intellectual tasks s factor a factor of intelligence that is SPECIFIC to a particular tasksapprehension of experience ones ability to perceive and understand what theyve experienced Spearman a persons score on a test depends on their SPECIFIC ability on the particular test AND their level of general reasoning abilityEvidence from Factor Analysis factor analysis a statistical procedure that identifies common factors among groups of tests o these common factors would be particular abilities that affect peoples performance on more than one test o determines which sets of tests form groupso can measure 100 different things factor analysis allows you to boil those 100 things into 4 groupso provides clues about the nature of intelligence Thurstone extracted seven factors o 1 verbal comprehension
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