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Chapter 15

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Steve Joordens

Chapter 15 – Social Psychology - social psychology: branch of psychology that studies our social nature – how the actual, imagine, or implied presence of others influences our thought, feelings, and behaviours - our perception are affected by our interactions with others Social Cognition - social cognition: the processes involved in perceiving, interpreting, and acting on social information Schemata and Social Cognition - impression information: the way in which we integrate information about another’s traits into a coherent sense of who the person is o our impressions of others are formed by more complex rules than just a simple sum of the characteristics that we use to describe people Schema - schema: a mental frame work or body of knowledge that organizes and synthesizes information about a person, place, or thing Central Traits - someone describes another person to you as “witty, smart, and warm” o impression of them = POSITIVE - someone describes another person to you as “witty, smart, and cold” o impression of them = LESS positive - ^ central traits: organize and influence our understanding of other traits a person possesses to a greater extent than do other traits o these impart meaning to other
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