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Chapter 17

chapter 17 broken down/high lighted

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John Bassili

Chapter 17 The Nature and Causes of Psychological Disorders Etiology the cause of a disorder Classification and Diagnosis of Psychological Disorders Abnormal any departure from the norm Maladaptive not providing adequate adjustment to the environment or situation Perspectives on the Causes of Psychological Disorders Psychodynamic Perspective (Freud) psychological disorders originate in intrapsychic conflict produced by the three components of the mind: the id, ego, and superego. Medical Perspective (Hippocrates) psychological disorders are caused by specific abnormalities of the brain and nervous system and that, in principle, they should be approached for treatment in the same way as physical illnesses Cognitive-Behavioural Perspective psychological disorders are learned maladaptive behaviour patterns that can best be understood by focusing on environmental factors and a persons perception of those factors; not something that arises spontaneously within a person Humanistic Perspective psychological disorders arise when people perceive that they must earn the positive regard of others, thus they become overly sensitive to the demands and criticisms of others and come to define their personal value primarily in terms of others reactions to them Sociocultural Perspective cultures in which people live play a significant role in the development of psychological disorders; what is considered normal in one culture may be considered abnormal in another Culture-bound syndromes: psychological disorders exist that appear to occur only in certain cultures Diathesis-stress model asserts that the combination of a persons genes and early learning experiences may produce predispositions (diatheses) for a variety of psychological disorders. Idea that psychological disorders develop when a person possesses a predisposition for a disorder and faces stressors that exceed his or her abilities to cope with them; represents the biopsychosocial perspective Biopsychosocial Perspective a view that the causes of psychological disorders can best be www.notesolution.com
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