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Chapter 18

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University of Toronto Scarborough
John Bassili

Chapter 18 The Treatment of Psychological Disorders Psychological Disorders and Psychotherapy Early Treatment of Psychological Disorders Trephining drilling holes in a persons skull; earliest known attempts to treat psychological disorders Philippe Pinel French physician, believed that mental patients would respond favourably to kind treatment The Development of Psychotherapy Mesmerism an older name for hypnosis Eclectic approach involves the therapists using whatever methods he or she feels work best for a particular client at particular time; most therapist adopt this approach Insight Therapies Insight therapy practitioners of this type of therapy assume that people are essentially normal but learn maladaptive thought patterns and emotions, which are revealed in maladaptive behaviours; view behaviour as a symptom of deeper underlying psychological problems Psychoanalysis and Modern Psychodynamic Approaches Psychoanalysis (Freud) form of therapy aimed at providing the client with insight into their unconscious motivations and impulses; recall psychodynamic approach Id representing biological urges Superego representing the moral dictates of society Ego representing reality Main goal of the psychoanalyst is to interpret the clues about the origins of intrapsychic conflict given by the client Purpose of therapy is to create a setting in which clues about the origins of intrapsychic conflicts are most likely to be revealed by the client Freud felt that the veil of amnesia lifts the moment that insight is achieved; when the client begins to understand the nature of their problem www.notesolution.com
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