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Chapter 16

chapter 16

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John Bassili

Chapter 16: Life style, stress and health. -Culture evolution: the adaptive change of a culture to recurrent environmental pressures. Cultural evolution: lifestyle choices and consequences. Unlike bio evol driven by bio forces, cultural evol is driven mainly by psyc forces. Its a product of human intellect and physical capacity, both of which have strong genetic components. -Cultural evol has been guiding force behind social, cultural, tech innovation in areas as law, art, science, med, engineering. Cultural evol has been the primary agent involved in shaping lifestyle, the aggregate behaviour of a person, or the way a person leads his or her life. In ancient times, lifestyle was the same for everyone. Today, no predominant lifestyle; cultural evol has afforded us the luxury of choosing among many alternatives. Cultural evol has resulted in a much higher standard of living tht past but also produced threats to our health and safety. A healthy lifestyle can be viewed as one that ensures an individuals physical and psychological well-being. WHY be unhealthy lifestyle? Altho the consequences of unhealthy lifestyle behaviours hav obvious bio implications, the behaviours can be acquired ad maintained by both BIO and PSYC factors. *Most adaptations resulting from bio evol concern only those relevant to surviving to sexual maturity, reproducing, and rearing offspring until they become self- sufficient. Many if not most of the con of unhealthy lifestyle dont appear till ppl are well beyond reproductive age. The law of effect plays a powerful role in cultural evol. One that appears to be analogous to the role of natural selection in bio evol. The law of effect states that behaviors that produce fav con tend to be repeated, vice versa. Many unhealthy beh have reinforcing con in the SR and damaging con in the LR. Takes the form of enjoy now, suffer later. The law of effect partialy accounts for why those who adopt unhealthy lifestyles are not weeded out thru cultural evolution. Stress and Health: Stress- a pattern of physiological, behavioural, emotional, and cognitive responses to real or imagined stimuli that are perceived as blocking a goal or endangering or otherwise threatening our well-being. *These stimuli are generally aversive and are called stressors. -Stress is a product of natural selection. Its a behavioural adaptation that helped our ancestors fight or flee from wild animals and enemies. Stress often helps us confront or escape threatening situations. -Stress is not a direct product of cultural evol, the changes in environ wrought by cultural evol have helped make stress commonplace. -Stressors come in many forms. May be catastrophic in nature, or belong to the class of trivial, evry day irritations. Not always bad( athletic compt and exams) can affect www.notesolution.com
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