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Chapter 18

chapter 18 notes

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John Bassili

Chapter 18 The Treatment of Mental Disorders Four basic approaches to treatment of mental disorders: insight therapies, behaviour therapy and cognitive-behaviour therapies, treatment of groups (including treatment of couples and the development of outreach programs that serve the community), and biological treatments Mental Disorders and Psychotherapy Early Treatment of Mental Disorders: Mental disorders have been with us since the beginning of human existence People with the disorders were regarded with fear or awe Often considered possessed by devils or evil spirits and made to suffer accordingly Earliest known attempts to treat mental disorders - trephining: drilling holes into a persons skull; the opening permitted evil spirits to leave the victims head Signs of healing in prehistoric skulls show that some people survived trephining People were thought to possess evil spirits; exorcisms performed, beatings, starving, near drowning, drinking of foul-tasting concoctions People thought they deserved to be punished because they were evil A few people in the 18 century decided that disorders reflected diseases and should be th treated medically and with compassion (Johann Wier, 16 century was one of first to challenge practices combating witchcraft; his writings were banned from Church and re- th emerged in 20 century) People with mental disorders often consigned to various asylums to be cared for; most institutions were very inhumane - kept in chains, wallowed in their own excrement Many treatments were only a little better than the tortures used before to drive out evil spirits - ex. Tied up, doused in cold water, forced to vomit, etc. Humanitarians changed this treatment Philippe Pinel - believed most mental patients would respond well to kind treatment; his patients showed improvement The discovery of antipsychotic drugs and improvements in psychotherapy have freed many people who would otherwise be in institutions www.notesolution.com
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