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Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Text Notes

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John Bassili

Chapter 17 The Nature and causes of psychological disorders Introduction Etioloy: The causesorigins of a disorder Etiology of psychological disorder is interactions btwn individuals: o Brain Chem o Genotype o Childhood environment Classification and Diagnosis of Psychological Disorders First classifications system of psych disorders recognized by Emil Kraepelin (1883) What is Abnormal? Psych disorders characterized by abnormal behaviour and feelings Abnormal = refers to any departure from the norm o Take on, also what we dislikefear So is someones behaviour particularlry abnormal? Difference between normal and abnormal behaviour? o Psych. Stress important feature of psych disorder is not that ones behaviour is abnormal (different)) but whether its MALADAPTIVE Maladaptive (from online): Not providing adequate or appropriate adjustment to the env.situation Psych disorder causing distressdiscomfortinability to lead productive liveshold jobs relate to others socially o Therefore maladaptive behaviour Doesnt necessarily mean they have a psych. Disorder Perspectives on the cause of psychological disorders A complete understanding of psych disorders reuire investigation of genetic, cognitive, and environmental factos Many diff perspectives used to study psych. Disorder The Psychodynamic perspective Based on Freuds theory, suggesting psych disorder result of intrapsychic conflict of the ID, ego + superego o May center on attempts to control experience of sexualaggressive impulses o May also arise from try to cope with external dangers, traumatic experience Sometimes conflict is severe causing defense mechanism to not produce resolution necessary for mental health o Defense mechanism: distorts reality o Or Individual function in some areas in a manner characterizing earlier developmental stage This results in pysch. Disorders w symptoms o Extreme anxiety o Obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviour o Depression o Distorted perceptions and patterns of thinking o Paralysisblindness wout cause Therapists that are specialized in psychodynamics get patients to become aware of their intrapyschic conflicts and defense mech. regain mental health www.notesolution.com
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