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Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Textbook

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John Bassili

Chapter 16 Lifestyles, Stress, and Health Cultural Evolution: Lifestyle Choices and Consequences cultural evolution: a cultures adaptive change to recurrent environmental pressures o driven mainly by psychological forces o a product of human intellect and physical capacity lifestyle: the aggregate behavior of a person; the way in which a person leads hisher life o cultural evolution is the primary agent involved in shaping these o everyday processes are characteristic of a lifestyle; many decisions as well cultural evolution gives us the choice on which lifestyle to lead, which culture to follow there are threats in the modern day world and a lifestyle that does not avoid these threats may lead to ill-health o THUS; a chosen lifestyle is good but SOME PEOPLE choose bad lifestyles we know that unhealthy lifestyles are bad for us but WHY do we maintain them? o negative effects biologically, but the behaviours themselves can be acquired and maintained by both biological + psychological factors law of effect: behaviours that produce favorable consequences tend to be repeated, and those that produce unfavorable consequences tend not to be repeated o good thing? yup! will be repeated o bad thing? yikes! dont repeat BUT many unhealthy behaviours have reinforcing consequences in the short run o but have damaging consequences in the long run www.notesolution.com
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