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Chapter 14

PSYA02 chapter 14 notes part 2

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John Bassili

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Chapter 14 Personality The Psychodynamic Approach Psychodynamic: a term used to describe the Freudian notion that the mind is in a state of conflict among instincts, reason, and conscience The Development of Freuds Theory Published a seminal book with Josef Breuer Studies on Hysteria o Anna O. suffered from many symptoms including loss of speech, disturbances in vision, headaches, and paralysis and loss of feeling in her right arm o Anna was asked to think about the time when her symptoms had started Started when she was unable to express a strongly felt emotion While under hypnosis, she experienced these emotions which gave her relief from her symptoms Presumed that the release of emotions eliminated her symptoms This wasnt true Freud concluded that all human behavior is motivated by instinctual drives, which, when activated, supply psychic energy o This energy is aversive because the nervous system seeks a state of quiet equilibrium o If something prevents the psychic energy caused by activation of a drive from being discharged, psychological disturbances will result Unconscious: inaccessible part of the mind o Still exert control over conscious thoughts and actions The mind represses the memories of traumatic events, most of which are potentially anxiety-provoking, from being consciously discovered o Iceberg metaphor o Only the tip is visible above water, the much larger and more important part of it is submerged www.notesolution.com
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