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Chapter 16

PSYA02 chapter 16 notes

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John Bassili

Chapter 16 Lifestyle, Stress, and Health Cultural Evolution: Lifestyle Choices and Consequences Cultural evolution: the adaptive change of a culture to recurrent environmental pressures o Driven mainly by psychological factors o Product of human intellect and physical capacity Lifestyle: the aggregate behavior of a person; the way in which a person leads his or her life Law of effect behaviors that produce favorable consequences tend to be repeated, and those that produce unfavorable consequences tend not to be repeated Stress and Health Stress: a pattern of physiological, behavioral, and cognitive responses to stimuli (real or imagined) that are perceived as endangering ones well-being blocking a goal Stressors: stimuli that are perceived as endangering ones well-being The Biological Basis of Stress Stress is a biological response that is experienced as an emotion When sensing a stressor o Heart rate increases, blood pressure rises, blood vessels constrict, blood sugar levels rise, and blood flow is directed away from extremities and toward major organs o Breathing becomes deeper and faster and air passages dilate, which permits more air to enter the lungs o Digestion stops and perspiration increases o The adrenal glands secrete adrenaline which stimulates the heart and other organs Selyes General Adaption Syndrome www.notesolution.com
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