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Chapter 9

PSYB01 Chapter 9 exam prep - key terms.doc

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David Nussbaum

Key Terms Term Page Definition Baseline phase 279 The period in a single subject design during which the (A) intervention to be evaluated is not offered to the subject and repeated measurements of the dependent variable are taken or reconstructed Carryover effect 294 An important source of experimental error for a within subjects design, this problem occurs when the effects from one treatment condition are carried over to the next Clinical 308 Used to enhance generalizability of single subject designs, replication (of clinical replication involves combining different interventions single subject into a clinical package to treat multiple problems designs) Concurrent 296 A series of A-B designs (although A-B-A or A-B-A-B designs could multiple also be used) are implemented at the same time for at least baseline design three cases (clients, target, problems, or settings) Cyclical (cycle) 282 A baseline phase pattern in a single subject design reflecting ups and downs depending on the time of measurement Direct 308 Used to enhance the generalizability of a single subject design, replication (of it involves repeating the single subject design, using the same single subjects procedures, by the same researchers, including the same designs) providers of the treatment, in the same setting, and in the same situation, with different clients Duration 285 The length of time an event or some symptom lasts; usually is measured for each occurrence of the event or symptom in a single subject design Frequency 285 In a single subject design, counting the number of times a behaviour occurs or the number of times people experience different feelings within a particular time period Interval 285 In a single subject de
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