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Chapter 11

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University of Toronto Scarborough
David Nussbaum

Key Terms Term Page Definition "Grand 358 A broad question at the start of an interview that seeks to engage Tour" the respondent in the topic of interest; used in intensive (depth) Question interviewing Field 365 Notes that describe what has been observed, heard, or otherwise Notes experienced in a participant observation study. These notes usually are written after the observational session Field 362 A researcher who uses qualitative methods to conduct research in Research the field developing and maintaining relationships er Focus 357 A qualitative method that involves unstructured group interviews in Groups which the focus group leader actively encourages discussion among participants on the topics of interest Jottings 365 Brief notes written in the field about highlights of an observation period Matrix 375 A form on which can be recorded systematically particular features of multiple cases or instances that a qualitative data analyst needs to examine Participan 357 A qualitative method for gathering data that involves developing a t sustained relationship with people while they go about their normal Observati activities on Participan 360 A researcher who gathers data through p
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