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Chapter 9

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Anna Nagy

Chapter 9 Conducting ExperimentsWhen doing research participants are gathered from a populationo Samples are gotten from population through ProbabilityNo probability samplingGathering participants may be easy if you do the haphazard method nothing wrong with it but results are biased and cannot be generalized to publicTo manipulate an independent variable one needs to construct and operational definition of the variable o Turning conceptual variables into a set of operations specific instructions stimuli etcBefore anything is to be done the researcher has to set the stage o Which means provide participants withConsent info Explain why the experiment is being doneThere are many types of manipulation o Straightforward manipulations easily doing this by giving the participant a written verbal or visual material The variables are manipulated with instructions and stimulus presentations examples page 164 bottom and 165 o StagedEvent Manipulationsused for one of 2 reasonsTo create a psychological state in the participantanger frustration etc Stimulate some situations that may occur in the real worldConfederatesaccomplices are people who participate in the experiments acting as a participant but is actually there to manipulate or create a particular social situation Example is Asch experiments with the judgement of lines
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