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Chapter 10

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Anna Nagy

Chapter 10- Conducting Experimental Designs  Sometimes an experiment might need more than 2 levels of independent variables o Sometimes one might need three or four  Some variables have a curvilinear relationship o If it has this then there are at least 3 levels being used o Relationship between fear arousal and attitude change is one example  Researchers usually manipulate 2 or 3 independent variables simultaneous to give a real world effect  Factorial design- designs with more than one independent variable. o All levels of each independent is combined with all levels of the other independent o They have 2 kinds of info:  Main effect- info about the effect of each independent variable taken by itself  The main effect of independent variable A (type of question) is overall effect of the variable on the dependent measure  The main effect of independent variable B (type of questioner) is the effect of diff types of questioners on accuracy of recall  Interaction- effect of one independent variable depending on the particular level of the other variable  The when participant is knowledgable, then misleading questions lead to more errors but if they are naive misleading questions barely have an effect.  IV * PV design- allow researchers to investigate how diff types of individuals respond to the same manipulated variable. This design includes both experimental (manipulated) and nonexperiemental (measured or nonmanipulated) variables o
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