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Chapter 12

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Connie Boudens

CHAPTER 12: UNDERSTANDING RESEARCH RESULTS: DESCRIPTION AND CORRELATION -2 reasons for using stats -fndst, stats used to describe the data -2 , stats used to make inferences on basis of sample data about a popln SCALES OF MEASUREMENT: A REVIEW -whenever a variable is studied, there’s an operational def’n of the variable and there must be 2 or more levels of the variable -levels of variable can be described using 1 of 4 scales of measurement: nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio -scale used determines types of stats that are appropriate when results of a study are analyzed -meaning of a particular score on a variable depends on which type of scale was used when variable was measured or manipulated -levels of nominal scale are simply diff categories or groups; no numerical, quantitative properties -most iv’s in expts are nominal (gender, eye colour, hand dominance, birth order, etc.) -variables with ordinal scale levels involve minimal quantitative distinctions -can rank order the levels of the variable being studied from lowest to highest -interval and ratio scale variables have much more detailed quantitative properties -with interval scale variable, intervals b/w levels are equal in size -interval scales generally have 5 or more quantitative levels -in behavioural sciences, often difficult to know precisely whether an ordinal or
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