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Chapter 12

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Nussbaum D

CHAPTER 12 Report Organization In APA Format All reports must be:  Typed  Entirely double-spaced  12-point serif font  With at least 1-inch margins all around  Alignment of text is to the left  All pages are numbered consecutively Title Contains  Title of the report: describes the relationship between independent and dependent variables of the study  Author’s name and school affiliation  Running head: short title of the paper that should be no more than 50 characters  Page header  Page number Abstract A brief paragraph, no more than 120 words, that states what was done to whom and the major results or findings. Introduction Describe what the plan for the study was and why it needed to be done. Draw connections to previous research and why it is connected to your research Presenting the main hypothesis – tells the reader the principal prediction. Method Often written first and while the study is in progress. Needs to be reported clearly so that it can be replicated exactly for future studies. The validity of the study will be placed largely on the extent to which its method provided variables that adequately captured the phenomena under study. Manipulations should be described in detail in the method.  By doing so, allows for readers to evaluate whether a staged event truly represents the phenomenon that is intended to induce. Divided into four subsections: Participants:  Report how many were in the study and how they were recruited o Include whether random sampling was used  Present age, gender, education, student status, and any other important characteristics – whether participants were compensated, received course credit, or volunteered for no material benefit,  Was the study approved by the Institutional Review Board Materials:  Describe measures, variables, and type of apparatus or stimuli used in the study o If survey was used, describe the questions and the number of items Design:  Report the type of design used  Specify the independent and dependent variables  Specify whether it was within- or between-groups design Procedure:  Specify the sequence of steps of the study o What you had the participants do and how you collected the data Results Summarize findings and the statistical tests you performed.  Report in sufficient detail but do not overwhelm with information Report all relevant findings, even one that run counter to your hypothesis and expectations.  Do not hide unexpected, disappointing, or uncomfortable results Do not report individual scores or raw data, unless it’s a single-subject design. Start by providing descriptive statistics of your study
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