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PSYBO1CH2Hypothesis and PredictionsHypothesis type of idea or question it makes a statement about something that may be true It is a tentative uncertain idea or question that is waiting for evidence to support or refute it Once the hypothesis is proposed data must be gathered and evaluated in terms of whether the evidence is consistentor inconsistent with the hypothesis Sometimes hypotheses are stated as informal research questions ex general beer questions among college students do males and females differ in the amount they drink orDo mixedsex groups maleonly groups and femaleonly groups differ in length of time they stay in the bar With and femaleonly groups differ in the length of time they stay in the bar With such questions in mind the researchers developed a procedure for collecting data to answer the questionsFirst research questions can be phrased as a hypothesis thatthere is a gender difference in amount of alcohol consumedEither cases we are putting forth an idea that two variables gender and alcohol consumption may be related After formulating the hypothesis the researcher will design a study to test the hypothesis Performance on these tests would then be measured At this point researcher would make a specific prediction concerning the outcome of this experiment If this prediction is confirmed by the results of the study the hypothesis is supported If the prediction is confirmed by the results of the study the hypothesis is supported If the prediction is not confirmed the researcher will either reject the hypothesis or conduct further research using different methods to study the hypothesis It is important that note that when the results of a study confirm a prediction the hypothesis is only supported not proven Researchers study the same hypothesis using a variety of methods and each time this hypothesis is supported by a research study we become more confident that the hypothesis is correctParticipants individuals who participate in research projectsRespondents individuals who take part in psychological researchInformants people who help researchers understand the dynamics of particular cultural and organizational settings past researchSource of Ideas common sense observation of the world around us theory Common SenseA source of idea that can be tested body of knowledge
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