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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Notes

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Nussbaum D

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S\`W^ŷ[`W_ 9_`[^USSU Y^[aZV O WŵŻ•W[Z`W\[^`W_`ST _WV`^WWTS_ UW` US \^ ZU \ W_X[^`W \^[`WU` [Z[XaSZ_aTWU`_ŵ^W_\WU`X[^\W^_[Z_`^WS` ZY\W^_[Z_S_ Sa`[Z[[a_SYWZ`_SZV\^[`WU` ZY`[_Wc `V Z _WVSa`[Z[Ŷ •WZWXUWZUW Z ZY\[__ T WS^_SZVS ZYTWZWX `_ŷ a_`UWV _`^ Ta` ZYTWZWX `_SZV^ __[X^W_WS^UXS ^ O WVW^S ^WYa S` [Z_^W]a ^W`S`WbW^ Z_` `a` [Z`S`_WW_XWVW^S XaZV ZY X[^T [WV US [^TWSb [^S ^W_WS^U[ZaSZ_aTWU`_SbWSZ Z_``a`[ZS^WbWcT[S^V•`S`^Wb Wc_^W_WS^U\^[\[_S _ `US ^ZU\W_ O WŶŴŴŶ W^ USZ\_U[ [Y US S__[U S` [ZW` U_U[VWU[Z`S Z_ŵŹŵ WZX[^UWST WW` US _`SZVS^V_S_cW S_X bWYWZW^S \^ ZU \ W_ O WYWZW^S \^ ZU \ W_S^WWSZ``[TWYWZW^S 'S_\ ^S` [ZS (bS aW_`S` US\`a^W`WV _U \ ZW)_'[^S b _ [Z(SZVS^WU[Z_ _`WZ`c ``WW [Z` W\[^`)_`^WWW` US \^ ZU \ W_,c W`WW` US _`SZVS^V_S^WWSZ``[ S\\ `[S WTW^_SZV`[TWWZX[^UWVT`W W` U_U[ ``WW Œ^ZU\W•WZWXUWZUWSZV[ZSWXUWZUW O _U[ [Y _`__`^ bW`[TWZWX ``[_Wc `c[`Wc[^SZV`SWUS^W`[ V[Z[S^ O _U[ [Y _`__WW`[_SXWYaS^V`WcW XS^WSZV^ Y`_[X`[_Wc `c[ `W Z`W^SU`\^[XW__ [ZS SZV[`W^SXXWU`WV\W^_[Z_,SZV`WcW XS^W[X SZ S _aTWU`_[X^W_WS^U Œ^ZU\W• VW`SZVW_\[Z_T` O _U[ [Y _`_W_`ST _^W S` [Z_ \_[X`W_`c ``[_Wc `c[`W c[^ O _U[ [Y _`_a\[ V\^[XW__ [ZS _`SZVS^V_[XU[ZVaU`,U S^ X`W ^ \^[XW__ [ZS ^[ W_SZV[T YS` [Z_,SUUW\`S\\^[\^ S`W^W_\[Z_ T `X[^`W ^ TWSb [^SZV_WW`[SZSYWU[ZX U`_[X Z`W^W_``S`U[a V WSV`[ W\ [ `S` [Z[^S^ Œ^ZU\WZ`WY^` O _U[ [Y _`__WW`[\^[[`WSUUa^SU,[ZW_`SZV`^a`Xa ZW__ Z_U WZUW, `WSU ZYSZV\^SU` UW[X\_U[ [Y O _U[ [Y _`__`^ bW`[WW\`W ^\^[ _W_SZV`[Sb[ VaZc _W[^aZU WS^ U[ `WZ`_ Œ^ZU\Wa_`UW O _U[ [Y _`_^WU[YZ W`WXS ^ZW__SZVa_` UWWZ` ` WS \W^_[Z_`[SUUW__ `[SZVTWZWX `X[^`WU[Z`^ Ta` [Z_[X\_U[ [YSZV`[W]aS ]aS ` Z `W\^[UW__W_,\^[UWVa^W_SZV_W^b UW_TW ZYU[ZVaU`WVT\_U[ [Y _`_ O _U[ [Y _`_WW^U _W^WS_[ZST WaVYWZ`SZV`SW\^WUSa` [Z_`WZ_a^W `S``W ^\[`WZ` S T S_W_,`WT[aZVS^ W_[X`W ^U[\W`WZUW,SZV`W `S` [Z_[X`WW\W^` _WV[Z[` WSV`[[^U[ZV[ZWaZa_`\^SU` UW_ Œ^ZU\WW_\WU`X[^ŒW[\W!_Y`_SZVYZ` O _U[ [Y _`_^W_\WU``WV YZ `SZVc[^`[XS \W[\ WSZV`W^ Y`_[X ZV b VaS _`[\^ bSU,U[ZX VWZ` S `,SZV_W X-VW`W^ ZS` [Z O _U[ [Y _`_S^WScS^W[XSZV^W_\WU`Ua `a^S , ZV b VaS SZV^[ W V XXW^WZUW_, ZU aV ZY`[_WTS_WV[ZSYW,YWZVW^,^W Y [Z,_WaS [^ WZ`S` [Z, V _ST `,^SUW,W`Z U `,Ua `a^W,
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