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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 study guide

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Connie Boudens

Chapter 7: Survey Research Study Notes A survey paired with a experimental research design can enhance understanding An advantage is that people tend to be more truthful in surveys Response set: tendency to respond from a certain perspective rather than provide answers directly related to the question. This results in biased. An example is social desirability: -people respond based on what is usually acceptable -to avoid this researcher can use lead-in statements (allows for participant to feel not judged) -also, when a researcher is honest and describes process they are more trustworthy and answer the right way Ways to decrease social desirability (Murder example): 1. Casual technique 2. Number card technique (person doesnt verbally admit) 3. Everyman technique 4. Other people technique 5. Kinsey technique : using always and never Issues to avoid when making questions: Double- Barred: discussing to different issues using andor. Loaded Questions: emotionally charge; written to lead people to answer in one way Negative-wording: using NOT, this can confuse people and answer incorrect Others: -hidden assumptions -leading -vagueimprecise -jargon Leniency bias: responses on the generous side Steps to Develop a Questionnaire: 1. Choose variables (background, dependant, and independent) 2. Operationalize variables 3. Decide how data will be analyzed (measured) 4. Develop wording 5. Write proposed questions, edit 6. Pre-test; show others ask if the understand 7. Shorten List 8. Refine questions www.notesolution.com
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