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Chapter 11

Chapter 11 - Qualitative Methods

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Nussbaum D

Chapter 11Qualitative MethodsFundamentals of Qualitative ResearchSeveral types of qualitative methods 1 Collection primarily of qualitative rather than quantitative data Collect both qualitative and quantitative data but qualitative methods emphasize observations about natural behaviour attitudes and artifacts that capture life as it is experienced by the participants rather than in categories predetermined by the researcher 2 Exploratory research question with a commitment to inductive reasoning Not testing preformulated hypotheses but to discover what people think how they act and why After observations you can develop general principles to account for their observations 3 A focus on previously unstudied processes and unanticipated phenomena Qualitative methods have their greatest appeal when we need to explore new issues investigate nardtostudy groups or determine that meaning people give to their lives and actions 4 A focus on human subjectivity on the meanings that participants attach to events and that people give to their lives Qualitative researcher tried to learn how people make sense of what is happening to them5 Reflexive researcher design in which the design develops as the research progresses Qualitative research is sensitive to how the activity of studying something will always change it will affect it 6 Sensitivity to the researchers subjectivity Many qualitative researchers question the possibility of achieving an objective perspective on human behaviourcoming to conclusions about the data that any psychologist would see as valid Methods for Collecting Qualitative DataThere are many approaches to collecting qualitative data 1 Qualitative Interviewing Involves openended unstructured questioning where interviewer seeks indepth information on the interviewees feelings experiences and perceptions 2 Participant Observation Gathering data that involves developing a sustained relationship w people while they go about their normal activities 3 Focus Groups Involves unstructured group interview where focus group leader actively encourages discussion among participants on the topics of interestQualitative InterviewingUsed to find out about peoples experiences thoughts and feelings with the goal of understanding how they make sense of their experiences 0 Used by itself or combinationparticipant observation approachQualitative interviewing relied on openended questions may allow the specific content and orderof questions to vary form 1 interviewee to another expect respondents to answer question in their own wordsInterviewing engages researcher more actively with subjects than standard survey research doeslisten to length explanations ask followup questions and seek to learn about interrelated belief systems of personal approaches to things More longer than standardized interviews sometimes as long as 15 hoursFollows preplanned outline of topics begins with simple questions that gather background information while building rapportSelecting IntervieweesDONT USE RATry to select interviewees who are knowledgeable about the subject of their interview who are open to talking and who represent the range of perspectivesSelection of new interviewees should continueuntil saturation potion is research the point when new interview seem to yield no new informationAsking Questions and Recording AnswersMust plan their main questions around an outline of the interview topicShould be short and to the point more details can then be elicited through
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